About debdoes - customised designed boutique stationery

How much notice do we need to give debdoes for making invitations?
Once a design has been decided on and the guest list and invitation wording is complete, invitations can be ready within two weeks. For a large order allow up to two to four weeks.

Can we change designs and / or colours of a debdoes stationery to suit our theme.

Yes by all means...we pride ourselves on our customised service so we will always strive to create the perfect stationery for you, whether it be choosing an existing design, mix and matching ideas, changing colours or even creating a new design for you.

Do the wooden invitations post well?
Absolutely…the wood used is very lightweight and very strong so invitations travel very well through the post. Debdoes invitations have been posted worldwide without any problems.

How much does it cost to post wooden invitations?
Standard postage costs apply as per normal ‘paper’ invitations. The invitations are very lightweight so there is no issue at all.
Do the invitations need any special packaging?
No special packaging is required at all…most invitations fit in envelopes and can be posted worldwide. If though for design or aesthetic reasons an invitation box is required then we can cater for that also. Our invitation boxes are of course presented beautifully inside and out.
Are there any quarantine issues when posting wooden invitations either interstate or overseas?
No, most definitely not…the wood and all decorative features are treated so there is absolutely no issue at all.
If additional stationery pieces are ordered can the invitation theme be used throughout?
It most definitely can...debdoes offers all of your stationery requirements and the invitation theme is used throughout all pieces, so everything ties in beautifully.